Everything on our sites works in spite of, not thanks to. What does it mean? The fact that for us there are no unsolvable problems, on the websites of our customers everything will be exactly as intended and nothing else! Boring solutions without a drop of creativity are definitely not our profile, but our philosophy is that the site should look fancy and not standard!



To make your product stand out from the competition



So that the user does not get lost on the way to the target action



To make the site look good on all types of devices from mobile to computer



So that you get an excellent tool for solving the problems of your business

Up to 10 unique blocks, 2 edit iterations, connection of all necessary systems

Landing Page - from


Up to 10 unique pages, up to 50 products for free, 2 iterations of edits, connecting all necessary systems, setting up filters and bread crumbs

Online store - from


Up to 10 unique pages, 2 iterations of edits, connecting all necessary systems, setting up streams

Multipage - from


Up to 15 unique blocks, 2 iterations of edits, full preparation for layout

Layout in Figma - from


Refinement / maintenance - from


  • Danil
    UI/UX Design, the layout of sites, marketing, CSS, Java Script, rewriting.
    Works in programs:
    Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Canva.
  • Kate
    UI/UX Design, the layout of sites, CSS, Java Script, CEO, rewriting.
    Works in programs:
    Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator.
What exactly is included in the price besides the design and layout of the site?
Rewriting texts, basic SEO settings (tagging - H1, H2, site name and description, favicon, keywords, etc.), integration with all necessary services, connecting Google Analytics, technical pages (404, thanks page ), connection of forms.
Now everyone works on a prepaid basis, so I would like to know in advance how the payment for your services will be made?
We understand that prepayment is always a difficult step for a client, therefore, taking care of your peace of mind, we work on the following conditions:
25% after discussing the details of the project
25% after the creation and approval of the site / home page layout
50% after layout and system connection, but before transferring the project to your Tilda account.
What platforms do you run on?
Our team currently works only on the Tilda Publishing platform, because in 95% of cases this platform is more than enough to create a functional and beautiful tool for your business, and only a designer works on the site, which eliminates the risk of spoiling the design due to the fact that the layout designer something cannot.
If you have any questions, write to us, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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